Unit 12.2

Decimal Numbers


The Decimal System allows us to write the numbers that are not whole.

We need to read decimal numbers one by one to prevent confusion.


Decimal numbers have two parts:

  • the first part appears before the full stop, and it is the whole number;
  • the second part appears after the full stop, and it is a tenth.


  • This book is five pounds and ten pence (£5.10).
  • Your balance is ten pound and sixty-five pence (£10.65).
  • His height is one point seven two metres (1.72 m).
  • 10.05 ten point zero five
  • 1.5 one point five
  • 0.5 zero point five 
  • 0.55 zero point five five


We use decimal numbers to talk about numbers that are not whole.

Reading the numbers as a whole, may be problematic (e.g. point one may be 0.1 or 0.01). To prevent this, we read the numbers one by one.


Decimal numbers are composed of two parts: the first part, before the full stop, is a whole number and after the full stop, is a tenth.

We have to read decimal numbers one by one.

For example:
— “4.98” = four point nine eight / four point ninty eight.

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