Unit 6.1

Leisure activities, habits and hobbies: Habits and hobbies

Concept of free time

  • The way people spend free time depends mostly on their own choice.
  • People enjoy many indoor and outdoor activities in Britain. They spend their free time on watching television, socializing, exercising, playing sports, doing hobbies and other activities.
  • On Saturdays, it is common to see families shopping together.
  • Sunday traditionally is the day for worship and rest. During it, the majority of the shops is closed and many people are at home. More religious people go to church.
  • A very popular way of spending free time is also going to Pub with friends.

The most frequently carried out activities during free time

  • British people carry out some popular activities during their free time. These are listening to the radio or music, watching television; reading, doing DIY, gardening, eating out and going to the cinema or theatre.
  • The most common leisure activity in the UK is still watching television.
  • Doing a sport and attending sports matches are also popular.
  • Local governments provide cheap sport and leisure facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts and parks. People generally go to watch sports matches or they take part in sports themselves.
  • Moreover, there are some outdoor activities such as going on excursions, canoeing, kayaking and hiking.


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