Unit 6.1

Leisure activities, habits and hobbies: Shows

Types of shows that people from the United Kingdom normally attend

  • British people can attend shows such as plays, concerts, stand-ups in their free time.
    • Music concerts are very popular in the United Kingdom and some of the world-famous musical festivals are organized here.
    • Stand-up is a comedy monologue presented in front of the public.
  • Going to the cinema is one of the most popular cultural activities.
  • There are also lots of circuses and theatres.

Timetables for film showings and theatre performances

  • Timetables for film showings and theatre performances are changeable from season to season or from month to month.
  • It is easy to find them at the cinema or theatre website.

Purchase of cinema and theatre tickets

  • There are several ways to purchase a ticket for the cinema or the theatre.
    • It can be purchased from the ticket office at the cinema or theatre.
    • It can also be purchased by telephone or on the internet from the cinema website.
  • There are sometimes special prices or campaigns that lower the price of tickets.

Types of films

  • In the United Kingdom, the film industry is divided into sections like films for adults, children’s films or mainstream films.
  • Some films are not appropriate for children to watch. Some films are suitable for everyone.
  • There is a non-governmental organization which is called the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC). It was founded in 1912. It deals with the classification and censorship of films.

Staff and services at the cinema and theatre

  • Cinemas and theatres have their own staff.
  • Usual services provided by staff are:
    • selling and checking tickets,
    • helping people find their seats,
    • dealing with problems or complaints,
    • in the cinemas they also sell snacks.
  • They are also responsible for the health and safety of the public.
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