Unit 6.1

Leisure activities, habits and hobbies: Sports

Sports practised the most by people from the United Kingdom

  • Swimming is the largest participation sport in England.
  • Running is also an often choice for sports activity.
  • Football is the most popular sport to play and watch. It was first played in England in the 19th century. It has been played ever since.
  • Rugby is a contact sport. It was played at English public schools in the 19th century. There are two main types of rugby. These are rugby union and rugby league. England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland (Northern and The Republic combined) teams are in top 10 teams in the world.
  • Tennis is the third most popular sport. The United Kingdom holds the Wimbledon Championship which is the most prestigious tennis event in the world.
  • Hockey is a team sport. It was first played in England in the 19th century. It is one of the most common sports played in the United Kingdom.
  • Cycling is using bicycles for transportation, recreation or sport. It is common in the United Kingdom.
  • Cricket which originated in England and it is its national sport.

The places where physical sports activities are usually carried out

  • Local governments provide sports facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, parks and golf courses.
  • Schools and universities also provide a gym and sports facilities.
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