Unit 4.1


National and regional ethnicity in the United Kingdom

  • English people are a nation and an ethnic group native to England who speaks the English language. In 2011 Census 51.41% of the UK population declared their identity as English, with more than 60% in England.
  • Scottish people or Scots are a nation and ethnic group native to Scotland. In 2011 Census 5.93% of the UK population declared their identity as Scottish, with more than 60% in Scotland.
  • Welsh is a Celtic nation and ethnic group native to Wales. In the Welsh language, they call themselves Cymry. In 2011 Census around 3.26% of the UK population declared their identity as Welsh, with more than 50% in Wales.
  • Northern Irish people is a name used for people born in Northern Ireland or an ethnic group of people who were born in or grew up in it. In 2011 Census only 0.81% of the population declared their identity as Northern Irish, with nearly 21% being in Northern Ireland.
  • Cornish is a Celtic ethnic group linked with Cornwall and a recognized national minority in the United Kingdom. In the Cornish language, they call themselves Kernowyon. Around 17% of Cornwall population declared their identity as Cornish.

Ethnic Minorities

Based on the 2011 Census, Ethnic Minorities make around 13% of the United Kingdom population.

  • Ethnic minorities in the United Kingdom can be classified into several groups like Asian, Black, Mixed and Other.
    • Asians make around 6.9% of the population, making them the most common ethnic minority. Some of them are British Asians which means that they are people of Asian descent who live in the United Kingdom.
      • Biggest groups are formed by Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Chinese people.
      • British Asians ancestors mostly came from former British colonies like Ceylon or British Raj.
    • African, Caribbean and Black British make around 3.0% of the population.
    • The mixed group makes up to around 2.0% of the population. It refers to British citizens or residents whose parents are of two or more different races or ethnic backgrounds.
    • Other group makes up to around 0.9% of the population.

According to the study made in 2019, it is expected that now there are around 7.6 million people of Non-UK origin living in the United Kingdom. Around 4.6 million is supposed to come from Non-European Union countries.

  • It was estimated that people from India still made the biggest group with nearly 840000 people.
  • The second one in place is estimated to be Poland, with nearly 830000 Poles living now in the United Kingdom.
  • Pakistanis people made it to third place with an estimated number of people living in the UK reaching ±533000.
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