Unit 10.1

Modes of transport: Transport by motorway

Motorway networks

  • Motorways in the United Kingdom are described by letter M.
  • The United Kingdom has around 3.741 km of motorways.
  • The speed limit on motorways is 122 km⁄h (70 mph).
  • It is important to remember that limits on signs are in miles per hour.
  • The use of motorways by vehicles of up to 12 tons is free.
    • Only on motorway M6, you will have to pay a toll.
  • Drivers have to follow The Highway Code. It consists of pieces of information, advice, etc. for road users.

Importance and place that European motorways occupy as a link between all the countries in the European Union

  • The United Kingdom only uses national road designations and does not show the European designations.
  • United Kingdom’s roads are part of following A class roads in United Nations E-road Network:
    • E5 – it starts in Greenock (Scotland) and ends in Algeciras (Spain).
    • E13 – it starts in Doncaster (England) and ends in London (England).
    • E15 – it starts in Inverness (Scotland) and ends in Algeciras (Spain).
    • E16 – it starts in and ends in Derry (Northern Ireland) and ends in Gävle (Sweden).
    • E18 – it starts in Craigavon (Northern Ireland) and ends in Saint Petersburg (Russia).
    • E20 – it starts in Shannon (Ireland) and ends in Saint Petersburg (Russia).
    • E22 – it starts in Holyhead (Wales) and ends in Ishim (Russia).
    • E24 – it starts in Birmingham (England) and ends in Ipswich (England).
    • E30 – it starts in Cork (Ireland) and ends in Omsk (Russia).
    • E32 – it starts in Colchester (England) and ends in Harwich (England).
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