Unit 6.1

Leisure activities, habits and hobbies: Outdoor activities

Outdoor activities practised the most by people from the United Kingdom

  • Walking is one of the most popular outdoor activities.
    • In England, around 86% of people walk at least once a month.
    • In Scotland, 23% of journeys are on foot.
    • In Wales around 65% use walking as a way to get to their destination than as exercise.
  • Visiting archaeological ruins and nature parks, gardening, holding picnics or nature photography are also popular.
  • There are fifteen national parks in the United Kingdom, which are also visited by many people:
    • Ten of them are in England.
    • Three in Wales.
    • Two are in Scotland.

The sports activities in nature that people from the United Kingdom do the most

  • Swimming is one of the largest sports in England by participation.
  • Running is also an often choice for sports activity.
  • Watersports are practised by around 32% of the population.
    • Sailing and windsurfing are popular activities on the south coast.
  • Cycling is also a popular activity, also as a way of getting to some destinations.
    • Most popular cycling routes are C2CWay of the Roses and Cornish Way.
  • Some of the popular sports are:
    • Football as the most popular sport to play. It is a team game played on the rectangle-shaped football field. Points are obtained by scoring a goal on opponents. Players use their legs to play, the only player who can use hands is the goalkeeper.
    • Rugby is also one of the major sports. It is a contact sport where points are obtained by placing the ball on the opponents’ point field.
    • Tennis is the third most popular sport. It is played on a tennis court, which involves piercing the ball with a tennis racket above or next to the net to the opponent’s field. It can be played 1 on 1 or 2 on 2.
    • Cricket is a sport that originated in England, it is a bat-and-ball type of game in which two teams of 11 people try to score a goal by throwing a ball at three wooden posts called wicket, which is defended by the opposite team with a wooden stick.

Social behaviour related to outdoor activities

  • On average kids spend around one hour on outdoor activities.
  • Boys tend to spend more time on outdoor activities than girls.
  • Some places can ban some sports activities, you should respect it.
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