Unit 3.1

Presence and integration of the cultures of foreign countries and towns

Types of Foreign Cultural Products which can be accessed

  • There are some magazines and books which are well-known in the United Kingdom. They can be accessed easily in any part of the towns and cities.
  • In big cities shops ran by minorities with products of all kind from their countries can be found.
    • Chinatown – is an ethnic enclave of Chinese people where you can find all kind of Chinese products. You can find them in bigger cities like London, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle or Liverpool.
    • Shops with Polish products are a common sight in cities with large Polish communities.
    • Shops ran by Pakistani people can be often spotted in the cities since they tend to be self-employed.
  • According to the geographical area, types of cultural products can change.

Types of Foreign Restaurants which are commonly found

  • Types of foreign restaurants depend on minorities choosing to live in certain cities and towns.
  • Foreign restaurants like Chinese, Indian and Italian are of the most popular in the United Kingdom. It is easy to find them in most cities and towns.
    • Indian restaurants can easily be found. Chicken tikka masala is the most popular dish.
    • Chinese restaurants most popular dishes are Chow Mein, sweet and sour chicken and spring rolls. Chinese food is a popular choice of take-away food.
    • Italian restaurants most popular dishes are spaghetti bolognese, pizza Margherita and lasagne.
  • It is easy to find Pakistanian, Iranian, Bangladeshi and Thai restaurants in cities with a high concentration of these minorities.
  • Kebab shops become very popular in the United Kingdom. Kebabs were introduced by Turkish immigrants and became a popular choice of food especially after nights out, in 2016 they were also the 4th most popular takeaway food.


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