Unit 9.1

Territorial and administrative organisation: Territorial and administrative divisions

Typical Dishes of Regional Areas

  • England:
    • English Breakfast includes a plate of eggs, bacon, sausages, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, tea and toast with marmalade.
    • Fish and chips is a famous dish of English origin. It is fried fish and chips. It is take away food.
    • Yorkshire Pudding is made of flour, eggs and milk, baked and moistened with gravy. Baked puddings are shaped like cups. It is served hot, eaten as a part of the main dish but is also served on lunch during Sundays with roast beef. It is also seen as a traditional dish for Christmas.
    • Roast beef is an important traditional dish in England. Its served as main dish and leftovers can be used to prepare sandwiches.
    • Lancashire hotpot comes from the west part of England. It is made from mutton or lamb and vegetables, topped with sliced potatoes.
    • Chicken tikka masala is made of fried marinated in yoghurt pieces of chicken served in masala sauce. It’s not clear if this dish originated from Asian communities in Britain or directly in India, but its popularity had led it to become recognized as a national dish in England.
  •  Scotland:
    • Haggis is a type of Scottish food. It contains a sheep’s heart, liver and lungs and it is minced with onion, salt and spices. It is traditionally served in the animal’s stomach.
  •  Wales:
    • Cawl, in northern Wales known as lobscows, is a traditional stew made of lamb or beef, bacon, leek, and cabbage but recipes can change from family to family and region to region. It usually tastes better on the next day after preparation.
  • Northern Ireland:
    • Irish Stew is made from mutton, potatoes, and onions, it is common now to add also a carrot to it. It is a very popular dish for St. Patric day.

Popular Festivals in Regional Areas

  • Notting Hill Festival: Also known as Notting Hill Carnival, is a festival coming from Caribbean communities. It takes place on August bank holiday Monday and next day.
  • Up Helly Aa is a name of fire festivals held on Shetland Islands, Scotland. It takes place on the last Tuesday in January every year.
  • Obby Oss is a celebration of May Day taking place in Padstow.
  • Jorvik Viking Festival is a huge celebration of the Viking culture. It takes place in the second week of February.
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