Unit 1.1

Personal identification: Names and surnames

Most Common Names and Surnames

  • The most popular surnames are:
    • Smith in England.
    • Jones in Wales.
    • Campbell and Robertson in Scotland.
    • Doherty in North Ireland.
  • The most popular boy names are:
    • Oliver, George, Harry in England.
    • Oliver, Noah, Jacob in Wales.
    • Jack, Olivier, James for Scotland.
    • Jack, James, Olivier in Northern Ireland.
  • The most popular girl names are:
    • Olivia, Amelia, Ava for England.
    • Olivia, Ava, Amelia for Wales.
    • Olivia, Emily, Isla for Scotland.
    • Emily, Ella, Grace in North Ireland.

Social Conventions and Behaviour

  • Names:
    • Parents pick the name of their kid. Sometimes the child is named the same as their parents or their grandparents.
    • It is common to give children a middle name. It is usually to honour relatives.
    • Nicknames are commonly used. For example, Alex can be used instead of Alexander or Becky instead of Rebecca.
  • Surnames:
    • Surnames can be:
      • Paternal when it comes from the father site.
      • Maternal if it comes from the mother site.
    • After marriage, the wife usually takes the husband’s surname. She can also choose to keep her surname or to take her husband’s surname and use her maiden name as a middle one.
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