Unit 10.1

By subway or by bus? (Informal conversation)

Jaime has been in Paris for a few days but now he needs to go home. The journey to the airport is a long one and he doesn’t mind spending a lot of money.


Jaime: Good morning.

Recepcionist: Good morning, sir. Can I help you?

J: is there a taxi rank nearby?

R: To go to the airport?

J: Yes, today is my last day. I am returning home.

R: Behind the hotel there is a taxi rank. You just need to turn right. There is also a bus stop. One of the buses goes to the airport and costs a lot less money.

J: To travel to and from places like this I prefer a taxi. It’s expensive but comfortable.

R: I agree with you. Have a good journey, sir.

J: Thank you very much.



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