Language functions

Functions theme 6

Expressing a lack of certainty and evidence

  • I think that…
  • I am not sure.

Expressing possibility

  • It’s possible
  • Maybe/Perhaps

Asking about the ability to do something

  • Do you know how…+ noun phrase/infinitive?
  • NP +can + VP inf?

Expressing the ability to do something

  • I know how + noun phrase / infinitive
  • NP+ can +  VP inf.
  • NP+ can‘t +  VP inf.

Asking about preferences

  • Noun phrase or noun phrase?

Expressing preference

  • I prefer…
  • I (‘d) like + NP  better/best

Expressing indifference or a lack of preference

  • It is not important

Asking about desires

  • You would like (to do) something?
  • (to have something) NP ?
  • (to do something) You, he, she, they would like to + VPinf .?

Expressing desire

  • I want + noun phrase
  • I want + infinitive
  • (something) I’d like + NP, please
  • (to do something) I’d like to + VPinf., please
  • (asking for something) Can I have + NP, please?
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