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Text: Weather, family and school


It’s so cold!

The weather is always important when you plan activities or, decide which clothes to wear, and whether or not to leave the house. Meteorologists offer weather information. Then the people who present the news on television, radio or on the internet show this information: the cold days, the hot months, whether it’s raining or snowing, the wind’s speed, the sea level and the height of the waves… They transmit the information a few days in advance: it is the weather forecast and is based on scientific models.

The woman on channel 5, for example, announces rain in the north of the country. That is why she recommends staying at home. In the months of January and February, it is winter and it is very cold: it rains, it snows and, it can be foggy. During winter, you can spend time at home with your family or friends, study, read, watch movies. You can also dream that it is summer and that the woman on channel 5 recommends us to take our swimsuit and run to the beach.


  • Introduction of terminology (anchoring)
  • Description of climatological phenomena (aspectualization)
  • Example of television forecast.
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