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Text: A dinner


A dinner with friends

A meeting with Friends is always a cause for celebration. Food, drink and good company, the perfect dinner in the evening. But you have to choose your ingredients. Meat or fish? White wine or red wine? Chocolate or vanilla pudding? Or perhaps it is an informal dinner, with beer, soft-drinks, hamburgers and sandwiches.

Some people prefer a quick dinner before a football match on the television. Others prefer to eat together with good music and a calm atmosphere. It is also posible to invite relatives with children or work colleagues.

My ideal dinner is three courses: first course, a soup or vegetable salad. A second course with meat and potatoes roasted with spices or fried; but chips are also a solution. Finally a light dessert. I like fruit. But without a doubt, the best dinner is always one with your favorite people.. What is your ideal dinner?


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