Literary texts

Text: Describing

Sarah and Lewis go to class

Sarah and Lewis are two classmates from the language school “Learning is fun”. They are friends and they go to the cinema, to the shops or to classes together. On the way to school they very often talk about their classes:

  • “Good morning, Lewis, how are you?”
  • Hi, Sara, very good, thank you!.
  • Do you have the teacher’s description?
  • Of course! It is today’s exercise. And you?
  • Me too!

Lewis is a tall blonde-haired boy, a bit shy, but very kind and hard-working. He is wearing jeans and a shirt. Sarah is very cheerful, sociable and friendly. His hair is brown and he has a nice smile. Sarah likes to wear a skirt, handbag and some nice shoes.

For Lewis, his teacher, Marta, is very nice. Lewis’ teacher, Marta is very nice. She is always happy and treats the students with respect. Sarah thinks her teacher is nice and funny (rephrase).


  •     Introduction characters (anchoring).
  •     Explanation of the task.
  •     Description of the teacher. (aspectualization).


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