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Text: Shopping



Lots of people wait for certain dates in the year to buy clothes, their favourite films or trainers: These are the sales. Companies offer their products with significant discounts. Sometimes you are able to buy a pair of jeans at half the price, a very cheap blouse or several books for the price of just one.

The sales occur close to festivals or school holidays, In many countries they are in January, after Christmas, and in July, before the summer, but there can also be offers that last just one day in other months.

The items are not bad. They are the same products at a cheaper price. The label shows the original price and the new one. In the sales there are often too many people and you often can’t find your size or the CD you are looking for. It doesn’t matter, you can stop breathing by putting on uncomfortable pants or listen to the music of your little sister’s favorite band.

The sales are fantastic!



  • Introduction and creation of expectations.
  • Description of the concept (anchor)
  •  Development of the concept (aspectualisation).
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