A free afternoon (Informal conversation)

A Sunday morning (Informal conversation)


Age and personal relations

Artistic Activities

Aspects of time (Formal conversation)

At the restaurant

By subway or by bus? (Informal conversation)

Climate and water


Communication (Informal conversation)

Communication and Technology

Correspondance and Services


Describing our surroundings (Postcard)


Dishes (Formal conversation)

Distant nationalities (Tourist leaflet)

Education I

Education II

Education III

Educational centres (Information leaflet)

Evaluative notions

Everyday life

Family relations (Poster)

Functions theme 1

Functions theme 10

Functions theme 11

Functions theme 2

Functions theme 3

Functions theme 4

Functions theme 5

Functions theme 6

Functions theme 7

Functions theme 8

Functions theme 9

Geography and nature

Governance and Religion

Greetings (Formal conversation)


Holidays (Tourist leaflet)

Housing I

Housing II

How is Joseph? (Informal conversation)

How is Joseph? (Short and simple note)

Means of communication


Mental and existential notions

More numbers (Bank notes)

My address (Informal conversation)

My daily activities (Menu)

My daily objects

My house (E-mail)

My job (Form)

My passport (Document)


Nationalities (Tags)

Nature (Leaflet)


On the phone (Informal conversation)

People and appearance

Person: Physical Dimension

Personal Identity

Personal relationships and professions

Professions (Form)

Qualitative notions and work

Quantitative notions I

Quantitative notions II

Quantitative notions III

Quantitative notions IV


Shopping list (Short note)

Shopping! (Radio commercial)

Society (Tags)

Spare time

Spare time and Artistic Activities

Spatial notions

Text: (A1+)

Text: A dinner

Text: A long day

Text: Date and time

Text: Describing

Text: Entertainment and free time

Text: Introductions

Text: Locations

Text: My house

Text: Reasons to learn a language

Text: Shopping

Text: Travel

Text: Weather, family and school

The city (Tourist leaflet)

The classroom (Formal conversation)

The corners of my house (Informal conversation)

The currencies and ordinal numbers (Bank notes)

The doctor (Informal conversation)

The hours (Schedule)

The months of the year (Calendar)

The restaurant (Menu)

Time notions I

Time notions II

Time notions III

To be or not to be (Face to face conversation)

Travel Items

Travelling I

Travelling II

Urban and rural places

What a postcard! (Postcard)

What are we doing today? (Sign)

What day is it? (Short notes)

What do you think? (Tags)

What is that like? (Conversation)

What is the weather like today? (Short notes)

Where is it? (sign)