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Text: Locations


Juan visits the church

Walking around town early in the morning is nice. It is not hot and there are not many people on the streets. You can see the great avenues, the gardens and the historic centre. Then you can visit famous monuments, such as: the churches, their towers or historical buildings. They are not far from the city centre. You can also see the bridges, go to the museum or visit the mall.

Today, Juan visits the great church of the city. It is close to the central park. It is tall and large, built in the Gothic style. It is a church where you can pray and observe its architecture. From the inside it is possible to climb the tower on some long stairs. The view from there is very nice. To the left is the Town Hall, to the right a square and straight ahead the long avenues.

A church is always a wonderful place to visit.


  • Contextualizing introduction (From the general to the particular).
  • Formulation and description of the monument. (Anchoring and aspectualization)
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