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Text: Date and time


What time do we meet?

Juan and Pedro are two good friends. First they were university friends, and now they are work colleagues.

They work from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays, they go to the mountains and when they can, they play tennis.

  • Hi, Juan, how are you?
  • Hi, I’m good and you?
  • I have a busy morning.
  • Yes? What are you going to do today?
  • First I have to go to the hospital at ten in the morning to see the doctor, and then, at twelve, I have a work meeting. See you in the afternoon?
  • Oh, I can’t, I’m meeting Sara.
  • Sara? Who is she?
  • The neighbour from? door number? two; but we can meet on Sunday.
  • Very good, Juan. Do we meet at nine in the morning on the tennis court?
  • It’s too early, better later.
  • At mid-day?
  • Yes, perfect. So, on Sunday at twelve noon we have the game.
  • See you later!
  • Goodbye!, Pedro!


  •     Contextual introduction (anchor)
  •     Dialogue (aspectualization)
  •     (Greetings, information exchange, farewell)
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