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Text: Entertainment and free time



After a long week with studies or work, the weekend comes. It is a time to spend time with friends, family, or partners and children. Resting from daily activities allows you to recover. It is a time when people meet and learn about personal relationships.

The leisure activities are many: Sports, cultural, festive or relaxing. On the weekend you can go to the museum, the cinema, the theater or play sports. Going to play tennis or basketball with friends, go for a walk with your partner in the park, visit family. You can also use your free time to get out of the city and see other places: go to town, to the mountains, to the beach, to another city.

Leisure time offers freedom and rest that is repeated every week. I love it! And you?


  • Contextualizing introduction.
  • Main theme exhibition (anchor)
  • Transition from the general to the particular (aspectualization).


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