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Text: A long day


A long day

In the capital there is a student demonstration. A demonstration is a protest against a social injustice. Many people of all ages – especially young people and school or university students – protest because it is good to defend the rights of everyone, without money or social class being important. Teachers and professors support the students because they are very aware of the needs of their students and they know their problems.

They carry books to symbolise the power of culture and placards. The placards are signs on which to write phrases like: ‘Education for everyone’, for example, or ‘Education is not for sale’.

Demonstrations in a democracy are peaceful, but they need the help of everyone – politicians, police and protestors –. Thanks to them it is possible to organize the protest without problems. Demonstrations are a right and a good citizen whants adequate social responses from their political representatives. Good politicians understand this and listen to what the people say.



  • Definition (anchor)
  • Participants (aspectualisation)
  • Wider social reflection.



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