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My likes, my personality


In the world today there is technology that allows us to talk to other people, share words and content, choose a group of friends or set up a society. It is all very fun, but to do it you need to have a personality. Our personality is created with our emotions, our knowledge and our life experiences.

We are what we read, what we hear, what we see, what we study. Because of this it is important to always be growing both for our minds and to be able to share interesting things with our friends. Other people like to get to know us, want to know about us, want to know what we think, what we want…

It is now posible to access lots of cultural content: web pages, social networks, online newspapers, information that can be seen at home, on the bus, in an airport or between classes. The modern world gives us these opportunites, but without our interest, they are useless.

What do you like?

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