Unit 8.2

The corners of my house (Informal conversation)

Having a dog as a pet is always a joy; but sometimes it is difficult to find a place to rent. Jorge knows this very well.


Landlord: No, no, you can’t have a dog in the house. Animals are banned here.

Jorge: I can assure you that he is a very good dog.

P: I don’t doubt it sir but I don’t want bite marks all over the chairs, sofas and furniture or scratches on the wardrobe.

J: I understand. I can tell you that he knows how to behave himself. He doesn’t chew on chairs or on the bed. He is clean and well trained.

P: You can go to the hosue next door, they allow animals..

J: Does it have air conditioning and heating?

P: Yes, yes it has the ameneties we have here but they allow dogs.

J: I really appreciate your advice. I will go there. See you later. Let’s go Timi!



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