Unit 11.1

The doctor (Informal conversation)

Inma thinks Juan seems a little depressed. What is wrong with him?


Inma: Juan, what a long face! Are you ill?

Juan: Hello, Inma. I’ve been ill since yesterday afternoon. I have a headache and I feel dizzy.

I: Are you going to go to the hospital?

J: First I will go to the Pharmacy. There they have painkiller tablets.

I: You need to go to the doctor. He can tell you what’s wrong with you, can’t he?

J: Yes, I have an appointment for tomorrow. I think it’s for my eyesight. I need glasses.

I: You will definitely look good with glasses.

J: I will settle for not having a headache.

I: Or feeling dizzy…I will ring you tomorrow to ask you.


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