Unit 6.2

What are we doing today? (Sign)

In the corner of Central Street there is an old cinema: a large room with lots of seats. Rebeca likes going there. Her boyfriend happily goes with her. What film are they going to see today?


Juan: Rebeca, I think there’s a special price on cinema tickets today. Do you want to go?

Rebeca: Look Juan. They are changing the sign now. What film is it?

J: Oh, what luck: a war film. I love them. Shall we go see it?

R: I don’t know. I think that I would prefer to go to the exhibition at the museum. What would you prefer?

J: I like the film but I would prefer to go to the museum with you, obviously! Do you feel like walking there?

R: Juan, now that you have said that, let’s go see your war film.

J: Ok!


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