Book Title: Spanish A1 Grammar EN

Subtitle: Guía práctica de Gramática del Español: Nivel A1

Author: Books4Languages team

Book Description: Spanish Grammar: A1 Level is a practical guide for learning Spanish. Fully written in Spanish, it serves as a base for the adaptation to different mother tongues. This book forms a part of the series My Spanish Skills. Starting from an Integrated Foreign Language Curriculum, we offer an eclectic system with a distribution of contents based on the Learning Objects.

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Books for Languages offers language courses with an Integrated Foreign Language Curriculum and a notional-functional approach. We offer materials aligned with the CEFR levels of language competence. This book is the Grammar part of the My Spanish Skills series. Together with the other sections: Vocabulary, Orthography and Culture, they all create a complete Spanish language course. Grounded on the system of Learning Objects, we aim for the courses to be flexible, easily adaptable and focused on developing all language skills.

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Language teaching and learning material and coursework


Spanish A1 Grammar EN
Books4Languages team
Antonio D.
Maria, Johanna, Valentina, Julia Jaworska, Noemi Mangione, Agne, Hana, Dana, and sergio

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Language teaching and learning material and coursework
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