Unit 2.1

Common names



Nouns [sustantivos] are words used to name people, things, and animals with gender and number.

Common nouns [nombres comunes] are nouns used to name people, animals, places, or things in a general way.


Common nouns are always written in lower case, except when the word is at the beginning of a paragraph or after a full stop.

The preposition por usually follows common nouns of temporal periods. The most commonly used are: por la mañanapor la tardepor la noche, por la medianoche


  • Por la mañana juego al balón.
  • Por la tarde juego a la consola.
  • Por la noche me baño en la piscina.
  • El doctor me ha dado el alta.
  • La verdura pronto estará lista para comer.


Common nouns are used to:

  • refer to common/general people, animals, places or things;
  • identify anything that is of the same kind or characteristics.

Temporal period nouns are used to indicate the moment (the time period) in which the action takes place.


Common nouns are used to refer to common or general people, animals, places or things and to identify anything of the same species or characteristics.

Time period nouns are used to indicate the time at which the action takes place. In English, to indicate that the action took place at a certain time, these nouns are usually followed by the preposition por.

For example:
— «Me he comprado esa casa= refers to a common thing, casa;
— «Vuelvo a casa por la tarde.» = to indicate the moment when yo vuelvo a casa.

Check the contents of the {Form} section. Then move on to the {Example} section, which shows you the usage in context.


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