Adverbial Subordinate Clauses

Adverbs of Attitude

Agent in Passive Voice

All vs Whole

Alternatives to If

Articles with Abstract Nouns

Be to + Infinitive in Passive Voice

Causal Clauses

Changes of Modal Verbs in Reported Speech

Changes of Pronouns in Reported Speech

Changes of Tenses in Reported Speech

Common Noun and Preposition Combinations

Conditional with Wish and If only

Conditional with Would Rather

Consecutive Clauses

Contrastive Clauses

Dare as a semi-modal verb

Defining Relative Clauses

Direct Speech vs Reported Speech

Each vs Every

Emphatic Imperative

Enough, Too

Future Continuous for Prediction

Future in the Past

Future Perfect

Future Perfect Continuous

Gerunds and Infinitives with Verbs with difference in meaning

Gerunds and Infinitives with Verbs without difference in meaning

Have and Get as Causative verbs

Hearsay reporting

Imperative in Passive Voice

Inversion after Negative and Restrictive Expressions

Inversion in Conditional Sentences

Let and Make as Causative verbs

Mixed Conditional Clauses

Modal Verbs in Passive Voice

Modals Could and Need in the Past

Modals of Probability

Narrative Tenses

Negative Determiners

No and Any

Nobody, Nothing and Somebody (Indefinite Pronouns) in Question Tags

Nominalization of Adjectives

Non Progressive Verbs

Non-Defining Relative Clauses

Passive Voice of Verbs

Passive Voice Verbs with To-Infinitive + Object

Past form of Will

Past Habits with Would + Zero Infinitive

Past Perfect

Past Perfect Continuous

Past Subjunctives

Phrasal Verbs

Polite Requests and Offers with Would

Possessive with Gerund

Prepositional phrases about Place and movement

Question Tags after Imperatives

Question Tags after Negative Adverbs

Questions in Reported Speech

Quite vs Rather

Reported Speech with Advices, Offers, Orders, Promises



Revision Topics 1-6

Revision Topics 7-11

So and Such

Some as a Determiner

Split Infinitives

Subject in Imperative sentences




To Be About to

To Be to + Infinitive

To Be to + Infinitive in the If-clause in Active Voice

Verb Agreement with Indefinite Pronouns

Verbs Not Used in Passive

Verbs with Two Objects – Passive Voice