Unit 6.1

Conditional with Would Rather



A conditional sentence is usually composed by two parts: the if-clause (or conditional clause) that expresses the condition, and the main clause that expresses the consequence of that condition.

We have different structures for conditionals. {see Zero Conditional, First Conditional A2 level and Second Conditional, Third Conditional B1 Level}

When we want to express preferences, we use would rather.


We use would rather (past tense of  will) as a normal modal verb, referring to the present tense.

Its structure is:
Subject + ‘d [short form of would] rather + verb…


  • I‘d rather you punched that guy in the face.
  • He‘d rather I was more responsible.
  • She’d rather they treated a patient.


We use this structure to express preferences. It has the same meaning of the verb To Prefer.


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