Unit 1.2

Split Infinitives


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Split infinitive is a phrase where an adverb is put between to and infinitive.


The structure for split infinitive is:
… + to + adverb/adverbial phrase + verb + …


  • You need to really take care of her this week.
  • She wanted to just run away.
  • He started to gently drive out of the driveway.
  • We managed to punctually meet the deadline.
  • They don’t want to ever go to work again.


We use the split infinitive structure to put more emphasis on adverbs, but we use it only in informal English.

NOTE: If we have doubts about whether split infinitives, it’s better not to split them.


Split infinitive is a phrase where an adverb or adverbial phrase is put between to and infinitive to give more emphasis on the adverbs, but we use it only in informal English.

For example:
— “The university allows students to easily make registrations.” = Adverb easily is situated between to and the verb make and in this way it creates a split infinitive.

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