Unit 11.2

Gerunds and Infinitives with Verbs without difference in meaning

Verb Phrase


Sometimes, after certain verbs, we find the gerund (when acting as a noun) or the Infinitive. {see Verbs + Gerund / Infinitive, A2 level}

In some cases the meaning of those verbs don’t change.


These formations have the same structures:

Subject + verb + gerund + object…
Subject + verb + to + verb + object…

The most commonly verbs are: begin, continue, hate, like, love, start, …




They begin digging the hole

She continued driving.

They begin to dig the hole.

She continued to drive.

HateI hate listening to pop musicI hate to listen to pop music
LikeThey like skydiving.They like to skydive.
LoveAdriana loves to paint.Adriana loves painting.
StartWe start playing guitar.We start to play guitar.
  • After they began commiting murders they were caught by policemen (/begin to).
  • French people continued rising in rebellion in the French Revolution (/continue to rise).
  • Some people like living together (/like to live).
  • Mary I of England started to kill people who were protestant (/start killing).


Sometimes, after certain verbs, we can use both the gerund and the infinitive and the meaning of the sentence does not change.


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