Unit 9.2



Suffixes are segments added to the end of words to form a new one. They can change the grammar category of words and they usually give a totally different meaning to words.

Suffixes often causes a spelling change in the original word.

At the end of a word, we can find verb, noun and adjective suffixes:

Verb suffixes

  • -ate
  • -en
  • -ify, -fy
  • -ize, -ise

Noun suffixes

  • -acy    -ment
  • -er, or    -ness
  • -ance, ence     -ism
  • -ity, -ty
  • -ship
  • -sion, -tion
  • -dom
  • -ist
  • -al

Adjective suffixes

  • -abla, -ible            -ious, -ous
  • -al                             -ish
  • -esque                     -ive
  • -ful                          -less
  • -ic, -ical                 -y
  • He realized he made a mistake.
  • There are so many poisonous plants in the forest.
  • Atheism means to not believe in any god’s existence.

We can use suffixes to create new words or to make that word grammatically fit into the sentence.


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