Unit 7.2

Have and Get as Causative verbs



Causative verbs are verbs that show the reason why something took place.

Subjects in causative verbs don’t do the action by themselves but someone else does it for them. They cause something else to happen in a way.

The causative verbs are: have, get, make, let.


The structure of have and get, include both present perfect and past perfect:

  • Have
    • The structure of the sentence is:
      … + have + object + base form of verb + …
      … + have + object + past participle of verb + …
  • Get
    • The structure of the sentence is:
      … + get + object + to + verb + …
      … + get + object + past participle of verb + …



  • You are going to have the natural flower planted today.
  • The teacher will have the students study on the exam including astronomy.
  • had my house built two years ago.


  • I will get the doctor to give you a medicine.
  • John got his elder child to wash his car.
  • They were too afraid of petting the stray dog but their mother got them to pet it.


  • We use have to give someone the responsibility to do something;
  • We use get to persuade somebody to do something. It has the same meaning of have, but get is less formal.


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