This book was originally written for, an online course with an integrated curriculum of languages, created by learning objects, following the Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR).
 A modular system is easy to personalize and adapt to different contexts and situations.

By design, this modular course does not go into great detail about English grammar topics, as our students will learn English as a second language. For that reason, this book does not currently include sections on Orthography, Vocabulary or Culture that are often found in other introductory texts. However, this book remains a work in progress, and it is hoped that over time, those sections may be added. I invite instructors who utilize this text to send suggestions, edits, updates, or sections you would like to see added here.

I especially encourage instructors who are willing to author additional sections in their areas of expertise to submit them for inclusion in future updates to this text Get involved.

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