Unit 5.2

Passive Voice Verbs with Two Objects



The passive form expresses the idea of something or someone receiving an action or experiencing a particular event or effect.{see Passive Structure, B1 level and Passive Voice of Verbs, B2 Level}


After some verbs, we could find two objects: an indirect object and a direct object.

The most commonly used are: give, lend, send, show

The structure is:
Subject [direct object] + passive verb* + indirect object + (preposition + agent)…


  • Daily newspapers were given to him every day (by his secretary).
  • (show) ///
  • A book was lent to Jessica (by the librarian).
  • A letter to the editor was sent (by my father).


We use the passive form with two objects to focus on the direct object of the active form (that becomes the Subject of the sentence in the Passive Form).

We use it also to create a more complex sentence in terms of syntax.



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