Unit 7.1

Consecutive Clauses

Complex Clauses


To link two clauses into one clause we often use some connectors. These connectors can form a so called consecutive clause.

Consecutive clauses are two clauses linked in one clause by connectors.


We can link two sentences into one sentence by using connectors.

The most commonly used are: as a result, otherwise, therefore

The structures of consecutive clauses are:
Clause 1 + Consecutive Clause + Clause 2
Consecutive Clause + Clause 1 + Clause 2


  1. The mid-term exam was hard and as a result, nearly everyone in the class got bad marks.
  2. They have to write a thesis otherwise they won’t get their diplomas.
  3. He always wanted to have a PhD abroad, therefore he is going to Europe for that.


We use consecutive clauses to give information about the reasons of actions and about the chronological order in which things happen.

We use some connectors to link two clauses. Writers mostly use them to create fluency.

  1. As a result: because of something;
  2. Otherwise: it is used after a proposal or an advice to demonstrate what the results will be if you do not follow it.
  3. Therefore: for that reason;


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