Unit 4.1

Verbs Not Used in Passive


The passive form expresses the idea of something or someone receiving an action or experiencing a particular event or effect. {see Passive Structure, B1 level}

The verbs that cannot be made in passive are called intransitive verbs.

Moreover, other verbs that are transitive sometimes cannot be made passive.

We don’t use intransitive verbsĀ in the passive form.

The most commonly used intransitive verbs are: arrive, go, lie…

NOTE: An intransitive verb is a verb that doesn’t take an object.

  • IĀ was running because I had to deliver the message by hand.
  • A private letter from the government has arrived.
  • Babies were crying because they were feeling cold.

We use intransitive verbs as normal verbs.

There are also other verbs that we cannot use in the passive form, such as: belong, have, lack…


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