Unit 8.1

Reported Speech with Advices, Offers, Orders, Promises



When we want to report one person’s speech to another person, we usually don’t use the exact original words because we focus on the message rather than the exact words. That is why we transform the sentences. It is called reported speech.

Reported speech can be used for conveying advice, offer, order, promise, and sentences


There are some rules of reported speech . These are:

  1. When we transfer an advice sentence we use:
    … advise + to + infinitive verb + …
  2. When we transfer an offer sentence we use:
    … + offered + to + infinitive verb + …
  3. When we transfer an order sentence we use:
    … + ordered + to + infinitive verb + …
  4. When we transfer a promise sentence we use:
    … + promised + to + infinitive verb + … (It is also correct to use promise + clause)

We cannot use the infinitive structure after the verbs say or suggest. This kind of verbs are usually reported with that-clause.


  1. Our school teacher advised us not to study in dim light.
  2. He offered us to live in the historic quarter.
  3. The man ordered his daughter to set the table out.
  4. She promised me to tidy the house.


We use reported speech when we want to report another person’s sentence that a he/she said in another time, place and maybe to another person.


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