Unit 11.1

Question Tags after Imperatives



A question tag is a short question at the end of a sentence that we use to check information, ask for confirmation or agreement. {see Question Tags, A2 Level}}

Imperative clauses are used when people tell someone else to do something (an advice, a suggestion, a request, a command etc.).


The main structure is:
Clause + , + question tag + ? 

We can find: can’t you?, couldn’t you?,won’t you?,wouldn’t you?

NOTE: If the clause is affirmative, we find can you?, could you?, wll you?, would you?


  • Describe the criminal’s face, can you?
  • Help me to follow the clue, can’t you?
  • She is talking about discrimination. Listen, won’t you?
  • Please report the tax crime, would you?


We use question tags after Imperatives to ask people to do things in a more polite way (instead of giving orders).

We use can, will and would for orders.

We do not use will for invitations.


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