Unit 9.1

Food and drink: Social conventions and etiquette

Conditions of life and social structure

Main Elements which are placed on the Dinner Table for Different Meals

  • While having dinner, people generally use glasses, cups, plates, forks and tableware. However, it can be changed according to the style of dinner. For example, for the big and special dinner, they can use wine glasses, cutlery, plates, napkins and tablecloth.

Phrases and forms used at the dinner table and the moment at which they are said

  • There are no traditional phrases used when beginning a meal but there are some phrases which can be told during the meal, or by servers, as they bring you your food such as “Enjoy your meal!” or “Bon Appetite!”
  • When taking a drink people clink glasses together and say “Cheers!”

Celebrations and parties in which people from the United Kingdom traditionally meet up for a meal at the dinner table

  • People in the UK can gather together at special events such as birthdays, weddings, christenings, company dinners, celebrating the end of a school/university year with friends, meal on New Years Day, Christmas dinner.
  • They tend to have a big meal during these celebrations alongside with alcohol drinks.


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