Unit 9.1

Food and drink: Social conventions and etiquette


Main Elements which are placed on the Dinner Table for Different Meals

  • While having dinner, people generally use glasses, cups, plates, forks and tableware. However, it can be changed according to the style of dinner. For example, for a big special dinner, they can use wine glasses, cutlery, plates, napkins and tablecloth.

Phrases and forms used at the dinner table and the moment at which they are said

  • There are no traditional phrases used when beginning a meal but there are some phrases which can be told during the meal, or by servers, as they bring you your food such as “Enjoy your meal!” or “Bon Appetite!”
  • When taking a drink people clink glasses together and say “Cheers!”

Celebrations and parties in which people from the United Kingdom traditionally meet up for a meal at the dinner table

  • People in the UK can gather together at special events such as birthdays, weddings, christenings, company dinners, celebrating the end of a school/university year with friends, meal on New Years Day, Christmas dinner.
  • They tend to have a big meal during these celebrations alongside with alcohol drinks.
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