Unit 6.1

Visual arts: Photography

Internationally Renowned Photographers and Photographs

  • Photographers:
    • Don McCullin is a British photojournalist coming from London. He is famous for his war photography.
    • Lord Snowdon is a world-renowned photographer and documentarian. He was married to Princess Margaret who was one of the sisters of Queen Elizabeth II.
    • Patrick Anson is a British photographer and the 5th Earl of Lichfield. He gained success in personal royal portraits and created the well-known Unipart calendar. He also worked for Vogue and Life magazines.
    • Nick Knight is one of the most influential fashion photographers. His provocative portraits have been challenging typical fashion photography.
    • Pattie Boyd is a British model, writer and photographer. She used photographs to show the other side of her celebrity life, changing the view of celebrities life.
    • David Hockney is the most important British artist of the 20th century according to a vote from 2011. His first works were paintings of swimming pools, later he moved to photography and created photo collages.
  • Photographs:
    • Abbey Road Album Cover is a cover of Beatles album and one of the most recognizable photos in the world. It was shot by Iain MacMillan on an Abbey Road in north-west London. It presents the Beatles crossing the street on the zebra crossing.
    • Photo of A Turkish woman mourning over her dead husband is a photo taken by Don McCullina during the Cyprus Civil War between Greek Cypriotes and Turkish Cypriotes. It won the World Press Photo award in 1964.
    • Photo of a starving boy’s hand resting on the monk’s hand by Mike Wells documents famine in Karamoja, Uganda, which killed around 20% of the population. It shows a tiny and thin hand of the starving boy which contrasts with Catholic monk’s big hand. It won World Press Photo award in 1981.
    • Tim Hetherington’s photo of exhausted American Soldier leaning against a wall and covering his eyes during the Afganistan war won the World Press Photo award in 2008.


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