Unit 5.1

Social services and support programmes: Assistance for immigrants


The main origin of immigrants

  • The foreign-born population of the United Kingdom includes immigrants from a wide range of countries who live in the United Kingdom.
  • Biggest groups used to be formed by people coming from former British colonies. India and Pakistan till this day are main countries of immigrant origins.
  • Immigrants from the European Union come mostly from Central and Eastern European countries, Malta and Cyprus, with Poland being the most common country of immigrants origin. This can change since the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union.

The main regions welcoming immigrants

  • England has the biggest number of immigrants coming to it from all countries within the UK.
    • London has the largest number of migrants among all regions of the UK, around 35% of people living in it are migrants.
    • The West Midlands, South East, East and the East Midlands of the country have the next largest numbers of foreign-born people living in them.
    • North East has the smallest population of immigrants with only 5.4 % of people born abroad living in it.
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