Unit 11.1

Means of communication: The Internet


Uses of the Internet. The most used services by Internet users in the United Kingdom

  • Social media:
    • The most used social media is YouTube, in 2018 around 80% of Internet users visited it.
    • Second most used social media is Facebook, with 78% of Internet users visiting it in 2018, and 60% Internet users reporting usage of Facebook Messenger.
    • The popular social media platform is also WhatsApp with 58% of Internet users using it.
  • Search engines:
    • The most popular engine is Google.
    • The second most used search engine is Bing.
  • Email:
    • Gmail;
    • Outlook;
    • Yahoo!;
    • BT emails.

Favourite places to access the Internet

  • Most people access the Internet from their homes. Connection to it is provided by various companies. Most popular ones are BT, Sky Broadband and Virgin Media.
  • Many companies provide Internet connections also at work but they are usually used for work purposes.
  • They are not that popular anymore, but you can still find some Internet cafe that allows you to use computers with an Internet connection.
  • Libraries often also offer computers with an Internet connection. They are free to use after making a library card.
  • Places like restaurants, shopping centres, airports can provide with free WiFi connection.
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