Unit 3.1

Services: Street installations


Furniture Associated to Places of Leisure and Relaxation

  • There are large kids play areas in the UK including climbing ropes, tyres, a playhouse with a slide and a boat for the little ones to sit in.
  • Some parks and green zones have outdoor gyms which can include air walkerspush up & dip stations, air skiers and other equipment.
  • Small, usually dedicated to football or basketball fields can be found in cities or parks.
  • Parks are usually richly equipped with benches to sit on.

Night-time Illumination of Spaces, Monuments and Historic or Emblematic Buildings

  • Many landmark churches around the UK, such as Salisbury Cathedral and York Minster, are specially lit-up. Stonehenge, one of the most well-known ancient monuments in the world, is also illuminated.
  • During Christmas period new Christmas themed illuminations can be added to buildings, bridges or streets.
  • Every year in Blackpool the annual light festival takes place and it lasts for 66 days from August to November.
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