Unit 3.1

Services: Cleaning and maintenance of public areas


Professions Associated to the Maintenance and Cleaning of Public Spaces

  • In the UK, there are street cleaners that clean the streets. However, machines called street sweepers are commonly used for this job. Before the machines, a street-sweeping person used to use a broom and shovel to clean up litter, animal waste and filth that are on the streets. Water hoses were later used to wash the streets.

Behaviour Associated to Litter Collection

  • In the United Kingdom, there is a maximum fine of £2,500 for littering.
  • Different local authorities also have the powers to impose on the spot fines to those caught littering. These are generally under £100.
  • Littering is becoming more and more hated by people. You should not throw litter on the street, always search for the bin or keep it until you throw it at home.
  • In public places, you can find bins for mixed waste and also recycling bins.
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