Unit 9.2

Prepositions of Method and Manner


Prepositions are small words that connect elements in a sentence. They are essential because they provide additional details about the sentence.

Prepositions of method and manner are used to explain in what way something is done.


The main prepositions of manner are:

  • by: by + [verb + -ing]/noun
  • withwith + noun



  • She lost 2 kilograms by being vegetarian.
  • He cooked the Japanese food by traditional methods.


  • He asked for the menu with haste.
  • They cut the onion with a knife.


We use prepositions of method and manner to show how we do things:

  • by indicates the action we do in order to get the result;
  • with shows our manner during the action or the objects we use in order to get the results.


Prepositions of method and manner are used to explain in what way something is done.

The main prepositions of method and manner are:

  • By: to express actions and it is followed by the gerund (verb + -ing) or a noun.
  • With: with objects or tools used to achieve something, and it is usually followed by a noun.

For example:
— “We can handle the situation by talking.” = We use by to indicate the action we do.
— “We can handle the situation with patience.” = We use with to show our manner during the action.

Let’s revise this content within the {Form} section. Take a look at the {Example} section that shows its use within a context.