Unit 10.2

Would Like

Verb Phrase

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Would like is used to express requests or offers more politely.


Would is a modal auxiliary verb and when used with like (would like) it forms a request or offer in a polite way. In this structure the form is always the same, even for the third person singular.

We usually find this structure in its three forms:


Its structure, in the affirmative form, is:
Subject + would like + [to + verb]/noun + …

Subjectwould likeTo + Verb/ Noun
Iwould liketo work /pizza
Youwould liketo work /pizza
Hewould liketo work /pizza
Shewould liketo work /pizza
Itwould liketo work /pizza
Wewould liketo work /pizza
Youwould liketo work /pizza
Theywould liketo work /pizza


Its structure, in the negative form, is:
Subject + would + not + like + [to + verb]/noun + …

  • Short form of the negative form is wouldn’t.
Subjectwould + notLikeTo + Verb/ Noun
Iwould notliketo work /pizza
Youwould notliketo work /pizza
Hewould notliketo work /pizza
Shewould notliketo work /pizza
Itwould notliketo work /pizza
Wewould notliketo work /pizza
Youwould notliketo work /pizza
Theywould notliketo work /pizza


Its structure, in the interrogative form, is:
Would + subject + like + [to + verb]/noun + …?

WouldSubjectLikeTo + Verb/ NounQuestion
WouldIliketo work /pizza?
Wouldyouliketo work /pizza?
Wouldheliketo work /pizza?
Wouldsheliketo work /pizza?
Woulditliketo work /pizza?
Wouldweliketo work /pizza?
Wouldyouliketo work /pizza?
Wouldtheyliketo work /pizza?



  • would like some stamps, please.
  • She would like to exchange some euros for pounds.
  • They would like 2 tickets for bus 89.


  • wouldn’t like any stamps.
  • She wouldn’t like to exchange any euros for pounds.
  • They wouldn’t like any tickets for bus 89.


  • Would you like any stamps?
  • Would she like to exchange some euros for pounds?
  • Would they like any tickets for bus 89?


We use would like to say want in a more polite way, especially when we are making an offer or a request.


We use would like to express our requests or offers in a more polite way, which is not as strong as want.

We can use it in its different forms:

  • Affirmative: We start with the subject followed by would like and a verb in the infinitive form or a noun.
  • Negative: We start with the subject followed by would not like and a verb in the infinitive form or a noun.
  • Interrogative: We start with would followed by the subject followed by like and a verb in the infinitive form or a noun (the sentence ends with a question mark).

For example:
— Affirmative: “I would like a cup of tea.”
— Negative: “I wouldn’t like a cup of tea.”
— Interrogative: “Would you like a cup of tea?

NOTE: Like has a different meaning than would like: like is used to express the idea of enjoying something.

For example:
— “would like to do some sport.” = We use would like to express the subject’s desire to do some sport.
♦ “I like sport.” = We use like to express that the subject enjoys doing sports.

Let’s revise this content within the {Form} section. Take a look at the {Example} section that shows its use within a context.

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