Unit 6.2


Verbs - 1 minute


The infinitive is the basic form of a verb, and we use it to form other verbal tenses.


There are two forms of the infinitive:

  • The zero infinitive consists only of the base form of the verb (work).
  • The to-infinitive consists of to and the base form of the verb (to work).


Zero infinitive

  • I can listen to music all day.
  • He can dance really well.
  • They can go to the circus.


  • I asked him to teach me to read.
  • She loves to visit the cathedral.
  • We hope to find the information office.


Zero and to-infinitive are used as basis for the formation of other tenses.


The infinitive is the basic form of a verb. We can distinguish it into:

  • Zero infinitive: base form of the verb.
  • To-infinitive: base form of the verb preceded by to-.

For example:
— „She can play football.“
— „You love to play football.“

Let’s revise this content within the {Form} section. Take a look at the {Example} section that shows its use within a context.


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