Unit 5.1

Age and personal relationships

1.5. Event
to be + [place]
to take place
to spend
to celebrate
to cancel
5.13. Age, old age
the age
the anniversary
to be like a child
to be like a teenager
to be like an old man
to reach + [cardinal number] months old
to reach + [cardinal number] years old
3.1.6. age
the newborn
elderly person
3.1.8. civil state
the civil ceremony
the religious wedding
the divorce
the separation
the homosexual marriage
the heterosexual marriage
the common law partner
4.3. Celebrations, family gathering, social and religious
the typical holiday
the popular holiday
the traditional holiday
the costume party
the Christmas dinner
the family dinner
the business dinner
the (in)formal party
the (in)formal meeting
the stag party
the wedding
to have a birthday
to have a stag party
to have an end of year party
to have a hen party
to have an end of year party
to invite to a stag party
to invite to an end of year party
to go on honeymoon
to go on honeymoon
to be on honeymoon
to be on honeymoon
to congratulate
to give a present
to wrap a present
to open a present


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