Unit 6.2

Artistic activities II

4.3.15. singularity
18.5. Photography
the digital camera
the digital photo
the colour photo
the black and white photo
the flash
the zoom
the photo album
to photograph
to take a photo
to take a photo
to make a copy
to print
18.6. Cinema and theatre
the listings
the discount day
the show
the comedy
the drama
the seat
the screen
the setting
the character
the main character
the crime film
the romantic film
the love film
the horror movie
the comedy
the science fiction film
the fictional film
the action film
the adventure film
the war film
the animated movie
the dubbed film
the subtitled film
the happy ending
the sad ending
the open ending
to make a film
to show a film
to put on a theatre work
to tell (the story of)
to be about
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